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May 2020 Current Projects Progress Report

Updated: May 17, 2021

Covid-19 and Lockdown has prevented travel to work on construction on the four active sites since mid-March 2020 although there has been some progress using local staff, as follows:

EFOD London - Kumi Hospital Latrines

Last visit from EFOD volunteers was completed on 16 / 3 / 2020. The lower chamber construction is now finished with construction of the superstruct ongoing.

EFOD Cardiff - Faith School

Delays to the site start of school construction led to the addition of two small classrooms in December 2019, by local labour to allow the school to add new classes for the 2020 school year.

Fencing of the new school site was undertaken in January 2020, and the gate and culvert crossing were completed in mid-February.

The School Director, Headmaster and Project Director are seen here with the new gateway.

Removal of large boulders on the site, and breaking them down to create building materials was undertaken in February 2020.

West Midlands - Mattugga Mill and Grain Store

The creation of a level site, accessible from the adjacent highway, has been completed, by construction of a significant culvert & retaining wall.

The foundations and ground floor slab are complete and 4000 ISSB blocks have been cast. 3000 more are needed.

Plans to visit site to start construction of the structure in early April were postponed due to travel restrictions.

The new target is to restart in October subject the lifting of those restrictions.

North West - Zukuka Bora Coffee Drying Facility

The design is complete but plans to start construction in Mbale in Spring 2020

have been suspended because of travel restrictions.

This will mean the building will not be constructed by September 2020 - the start of the next coffee season.

EFOD built grain stores were used for safe storage for the 2019 harvest of 24 tonnes of green coffee.

Plans are being developed to fence the Kachumbala & MamRiang Grain Stores

to allow use by Zukuka Bora for both drying and storage of the 2020 harvest.

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