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EFOD are working to reduce and minimise embedded and operational carbon in our projects. Here are some of the ways we incorporate this into our projects.

Efficient Design

Passive Ventilation

Buildings are designed with mono and duo-pitched roofs with a ventilation gap to create a stack effect. Common wind direction is also considered with building orientation.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is collected from roof gulleys and stored in UPVC tanks for supply of service water including handwashing facilities.



Roof mounted solar panels have been used for lighting and power at Kath's Centre and Mam Riang Grain Store as an alternative to connection to the national grid.

ISSB Blocks.jpg

Material Selection

Interlocking Stabilised Blocks are an affordable and low environmental impact alternative to conventional clay fired bricks which are typically made from buring large quantities of timber.


ISSB's are formed by compression of a mixture of local murrum soil, cement and dry curing. The interlocking formation increases the structural stability of the wall, reducing the amount of cement and mortar needed for fabrication.

Structural timber is sourced locally and used were possible as an alternative to structural steel.


EFOD install Eco-San latrines for all schemes where sanitationfacilities are required. This is a water free, low cost and sustainable alternative to conventional toilets.

Conventional sanitation facilities ised more water for flushing toilets than is consumed for drincing water and contributes to pollution of  local rivers when not properly treated.

Ecological sanitation is a safe and hygienic alternative which saves water, prevents contamination of water and enables nutrient rich waste products to be reused as fertiliser.

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