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Look! What's over there? It's the 2022 EFOD summit!

Here's the news on all things EFOD...

The summit this year was a jolly virtual reunion of the leadership team and regional leads. This was a great opportunity to hear introductions from the leadership team as well as welcoming new members of EFOD to the organisation. There was a feeling of excitement now that COVID restrictions are easing and with the ever nearing opportunity of getting back to Uganda to continue really important work.

Ian kickstarted the morning with positive news on the plan going forward to get volunteers going back out to Uganda while reiterating the importance of keeping everyone safe while abroad.

Fundraising news from Jane revealed the change in fundraising platform which is likely to be coming in. This is so the maximum amount of donations goes towards the construction of community boosting facilities - watch this space!

The revision of the technical approvals from Dave was really insightful and he's produced a clear flow chart making what is normally a mysterious process into clear instructions. EFOD volunteers - get in touch with him if you need any advise on this.

Cardiff have been busy! Olivia's news on the successful virtually delivered project goes to show how innovative her team has been. She also had news about the EFOD cycle being held in June which will be pushed out soon.

Bradley and his London team have been up to continuation of design on the pump house as well as providing COVID facilities for the Kumi hospital.

Although the West Midlands team haven't seen new construction due to COVID, Zak and his team are ready to get back out there and pick up where they left off. ISSB bricks are his speciality and a great construction technique to keep costs down and keep resources locally sourced.

Kieran updated us about North West's involvement with Zukuka Bora Coffee Co. Designs for the storage facility are ready for technical approval and once costs have been updated, his team will be looking to fundraise and then getting to site.

Overall, our volunteers have been busy donating their time to get designs ready throughout COVID lockdown. With forever prevalent challenges in rising material costs, alternative material solutions will have to be explored and fundraising will be more important than ever to ensure these projects are completed.

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