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Ian visits EFOD's Projects in North East Uganda

Ian Flower, EFOD's founding director, returned to Uganda this week for the first time since COVID restrictions were put in place to assess how our numerous projects across the country are being used today.

First stop, Koutulai Grain Store. Built by EFOD West Midlands for a Widows’ Cooperative in 2015, it was used by it's members as a grain store. However, the cooperatives 2017 harvest was seriously affected by drought and it has since rarely stored more than 10% of its grain capacity.

Three years ago Zukuka Bora Coffee, the client for EFOD NW’s store, asked if they could hire it to hold dried coffee for a short period on its way down the mountain before it was hulled (de-shelled) in Mbale and exported. Last week Ian joined a group of buyers, and was delighted to see the store packed with sacks of coffee. Currently 5 workers are employed full time for 2.5 months per year, with 15 casual workers on an ad hoc basis for large deliveries.

"It sounds as if they are workers from our Faith School site, which helps provide continuity of employment when their coffee activities do not clash."

Above (left) is Micheal Odeke, EFOD's PM and the site manager. Standing alongside Micheal Ebukit, EFOD's block making Team Leader (Faith School and Kumi Hospital) who is also the site guard.

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