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Technical Reviewer Extraordinaire - Nothing Gets Past Dave

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

A few weeks after North West published their set of design drawings, EFOD's technical lead Dave Cousins sat down with the team to review their design for a coffee storage facility.

Some great discussions were had on the sites ground conditions, foundation design and loading assumptions which has given the team a few elements of the design to review and update.

It was great to get a fresh perspective on the design and buildability from someone with Dave's experience and the team are itching to review and update the drawings and calculations in the new year.

EFOD's formalised their review process for projects over the last few years to maintain and improve quality assurance with their designs. All projects first undergo technical reviews at a project team level and externally, tapping into the technical expertise of the companies volunteers work for. Following this, design acceptance is achieved through a technical and management review from EFOD's management team.

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