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North West Are Back On Site

This week site manager Michael returned to site to carry out some soil tests ahead of the commencement of the brick making phase of the coffee storage facility for Zukuka Bora Coffee Co.

Murram Truck Delivery
ISSB Brick Press

EFOD manufacture interlocking stabilised soil blocks as a better quality and more sustainable alternative to clay fired bricks that are typically used for construction. This is a combination of a locally sourced soil named murram and cement which is mixed together and compressed to form bricks with an interlocking shape that requires minimal amounts of mortar to build.

Typically EFOD use a more conservative quantity of cement them might be needed to build cement blocks. North West are carrying out tests on the local soil to see if the proportions of cement can be reduced.

We'll be back in 7 days to see what the tests say and start making bricks!

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