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EFOD 2020 Virtual Annual Summit

Hosted online for COVID restrictions, EFOD nevertheless had a fantastic time with presentations from regional leads, a heartwarming goodbye to board member Sally and Uganda themed dressware considered mandatory.

Goodby Sally

Introductions by EFOD founder, Ian Flower, centred on wishing longtime board member Sally Sudworth farewell after 10 years of outstanding work and commitment to help build EFOD into the Charity it is today.

Travel Constraints

Jane Hodgson explained the ongoing constraints around COVID travel restrictions.

Getting Professionally Qualified

Julian Howe shared his experience of getting engineers professionally qualified and how members can use their EFOD experience to do so.

West Midlands

Zak Raja updated us on the Revival Maize Mill in Matuga.


Bradley Perks gave an overview of London's activities at Kumi Hospital.


Jack Davies summarised progress with expanding the faith school.

North West

Kieran Coveney gave an account of work with non-profit, Zukuka Bora in the design of a coffee processing facility in Mbale.

Technical Reviews & Tackling Engineering Problems

David Cousins ran through the project timeline for technical assurance and led a discussion on how we can tackle engineering problems whilst working remotely.

Carbon Planning

Kat Ibbotson from the Environment Agency showcased their carbon planning tool.

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