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2020 EFOD Cardiff Cycle Challenge

This year the EFOD cycle challenge will be a completely new and novel format. Times are strange so while we’re all restricted from travelling, but encouraged to cycle, let’s make the most of what we can do and do something different.

Between 7:00am on Friday 12 June and 7pm Sunday 14 June, we’ll be undertaking a non-stop, 60 hour virtual relay.

What is a virtual relay I hear you ask? Well, we have 60 riders and 60 hours to fill. We are therefore asking that everyone sign up to an hour slot where you will ensure you are riding your bike to keep our virtual relay going continuously for the duration - through day and night - wind, rain or shine. It’s going to be great!

Our individual achievements may not be as significant this year, but be it a virtual flame, imaginary baton or spirit of EFOD torch, together we shall carry it further, longer, and over more hills than any EFOD ride gone by. This year it will be through us all working together that we achieve something monumental.

Would you like to join us?

We will only have one torch bearer each hour, but we'll have as many supporting riders as we possibly can. Follow this link to enter your name against an allotted time.

There are a few instructions and further details on how we see it working on the sheet.

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