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We are a group of young professionals from engineering & construction firms across Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool & Leeds.

May 2018   -   Doug and Lucy taking on the Way of the Roses .... a 170 mile, two day cycle to from Morecambe to Bridlington
                                                                           Link to more detail and their donation page.

April   -   Carla and Maha made it to Uganda! -  Link to their story

We participated in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge
- to assist in funding the Zukuka Bora project    Link to more information

Since 2012 we've successfully delivered three community based projects in Uganda :

The Kumi Hospital Incinerator - 2012

Nyakoi Mam Riang 'Grain for Gain' Store - 2014 - Link to our slideshow on YouTube about the project

Kathy's Womens Refuge and Nursery Centre - 2016 / 7 - Link to Kathy's project

In July 2018 we are embarking on our most ground-breaking challenge to date . . . .

The Zukuka Bora Coffee Facility

Coffee in Uganda - Despite being Uganda's largest export crop, the profitability of coffee production for small scale farmers has eroded
due to poor cultivation techniques, mismanagement and the export of raw materials for processing overseas. The decline in income
has been manifest by returns to subsistence farming and soaring unemployment in rural communities such as in Mt Elgon, Mbale.

Introducing the Zukuka Bora Coffee Company :

EFOD NW is partnering with UK and Ugandan registered Charity, JENGA Community Development Outreach : http://jengauganda.org
through their non-profit initiative, Zukuka Bora Coffee Company : http://www.zukuka.coffee

Zukuka Bora was launched in 2015 to work directly with farmers of the Mt. Elgon region and help them cultivate top quality Arabica coffee
for the specialty market worldwide.

Since its inception, Zukuka Bora has trained over 1,500 peasant farmers in best practices for coffee cultivation and in the 2017 season
produced 20 tonnes of specialty graded green beans.

The not-for-profit business model has allowed them to pay a higher price than any other processer on Mt Elgon directly to farmers,
with a further bonus in 'hungry season' - April - when they need it most.     More about Zukuka Bora

Project Overview

EFOD NW aim to build on the success of Zukuka Bora through the design and construction of a coffee processing facility in Mbale.
This will allow Zukuka Bora to expand and improve efficiency, providing training and employment to locals and rekindling
Uganda's once world class reputation for producing premium Arabica coffee.

It will consist of the following :

Coffee Drying Area - To control the environment and rate of drying which significantly impacts the final products quality and price.
                                    Drying the parchment is the most time consuming process taking 15-20 days on the mountain.
                                    Moving some of the process down to Mbale, where temperatures are higher, will increase capacity and efficiency.

Coffee Processing Room - Hulling - ( shell removal ) - and roasting are currently outsourced, but 80% of the coffee's final value is earned
                                              by the roaster / retailer. Processing in-house will capture more of the value chain locally.

Coffee Storage Room - To give Zukuka Bora the flexibility to meet peak consumer demands,

Training Centre - To develop the knowledge and skills of locals and provide a centre of excellence to attract tourists to Mbale.


We rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to deliver this transformative project.

By donating you will have a hand in providing sustainable employment in Mbale, revitalising the Ugandan premium coffee industry for the farmers
on Mount Elgon whilst giving young and determined engineering professionals at home the opportunity to broaden their skills and experience.

You may donate directly to our efforts here    :     Our MyDonate page

The EFOD North West committee is chaired by Carla Monk
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