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Engineers for Overseas Development ( EFOD )

EFOD's aim is to deliver projects which improve the health, hygiene, education
and self-sufficiency of poverty afflicted communities in a sustainable manner.

Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD) is a Charitable Limited Liability company,
founded by Ian Flower in 2000 to enhance the experience of young construction professionals.

EFOD challenges its members to undertake development projects amongst some of
the poorest communities in rural Africa and provides them with an opportunity to broaden
their skills and experience.

Recent News

March 2017 - Zak Jones and EFOD NW gain prestigious ICE Award - link to more details.

Last November we had an appeal requesting urgent help to repair the electrical backup system for the Mbale Hospital Neonatal Ward which had failed. Each time there was a power cut they were losing two premature babies since their life saving equipment could not operate. Shaun Williams, who had applied to join the Shared Apprenticeship scheme run by Cyfle that day was asked if he could join the trip, sort out the problem - with Cyfle and EFOD covering his costs - since we also had the Kachumbala Health Centre 3 Maternity Unit to wire!
Shaun had his inoculations, flew out to Uganda where he quickly assessed and ordered materials for the Kachumbala Centre. Later that day he was able to visit the Mbale Neonatal unit, test the system and track down the problem which he was able to repair. The lives of premature babies born are again being protected by the wonderful work of Dr Kathy Bourgogne and her husband Dr Adam Hewitt-Smith, with a little assistance from EFOD, Cyfle and Shaun.
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EFOD's efforts are coordinated through regional groups and may be contacted directly
through the following members of their committees :

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